How to Fit Bay Window Curtain Poles

Our stylish, affordable and functional bay window curtain poles make the notoriously difficult task of fitting poles to dress your bay window a thing of the past. In this guide, you will find simple, clear instructions on how to fit your bay window curtain poles – even if you’ve never fitted a straight pole before!

Where to start:

The best place to start when fitting bay window curtain poles is by reading and understanding the instructions on this page and having a clear plan as to what you need to do. We have written this guide with the aim of making it as precise and easy to follow as possible.

What you’ll need:

  • A tape measure – metal ones are best
  • A pencil
  • Drill with drill bit - to make holes for the brackets to be screwed into
  • A screwdriver
  • Small hacksaw
  • Small step ladders or footstool


  • Allow time (about 2 hours) and patience - don’t rush this!
  • Do not remove the plastic coating from the poles just yet
  • Have a second person at hand to help with the positioning and fitting of the pole
  • You can use a metal file to smooth the edges of the pole after cutting
  • We recommend fixing the brackets to a wooden batten for extra strength
  • Use wall plugs if you are drilling into bricks. If you are drilling into wood, these are not needed.

Fitting a Bay Window Curtain Pole

Check you have all your components:

  • metal curtain poles – various lengths depending on the size you have ordered
  • 7 x brackets
  • 2 x corner joints
  • 2 x finials
  • rings – various amounts depending on the total length of your poles

Step 1 - Measure the height where the curtain pole is to be fitted
Measure 10-15cm above the window or according to your preference and the space available. This is the height that the brackets will be fitted at. Make a mark on the wall at this point. Double check the height from the floor to this bracket fixing point to ensure it is enough for the curtain fall.

Image of measuring the height where the curtain pole is to be fitted

! Tip: Most of our fixing brackets are adjustable, allowing you to set the distance the end of the bracket will sit from the wall. This feature is especially useful when working with obstructions in the window such as window handles, window sills and radiators. Moving the brackets to the most outward position will allow your curtains to fall past these obstructions. We recommend setting the adjustment of all the brackets before fixing to the wall. That way you can ensure that they are all set to the same setting by sitting them next to each other. Once you have fixed them to the wall, finer adjustments can be made.

Step 2 - Fix end and center brackets
Mark fixing holes for the center and end brackets at the height marked in step 1. The center bracket wants to go in the center of the main window. The end brackets want to go towards the ends of the side windows. Drill pilot holes for these brackets and fix into place using screws and your screwdriver.

Image of fixing end and center brackets

Step 3 - Fix remaining brackets
You should now have 4 brackets remaining. These are to go towards the bends of the bay – 2 at each bend, 1 at either side of the corner joints, ensuring that they are not so close to the corner joints that they will interfere with them. We suggest placing the brackets at least 6 inches away from the corner joints. Mark and fix these 4 brackets into place following the same process as in Step 2 above.

Image of fixing remaining brackets

Step 4 - Measure and cut longest pole
Next, get the poles ready to be fixed to the brackets. Start with the longest window first, which is usually the middle window and work out which pole you will be using.

Image of measuring and cutting longest pole

You may need to adjust the length of these poles to fit the window. When cutting the curtain poles down, make sure you allow for the length of the corner bracket.

! Tip: If you need to cut these poles, ensure that you cut equal amounts off each, so that the joint remains at the center.

Step 5 - Attach corner joints
Push a corner joint into each end of this main curtain pole. Do not tighten the angles of the corner joint just yet. Now, sit this pole on top of the 3 brackets above the main window, making sure that the center of the pole sits directly above the center bracket. Tighten the grub screws in the 3 brackets to hold the pole in place.

Image of attaching corner joints

Step 6 - Cut and connect side pole
You now have the 2 short sides of your bay window left to fit. Working on one side of the bay window, measure the distance from the end of the corner joint to where you would like the curtain pole to end. Cut down the metal pole you will be fitting to that length. Push this pole onto the corner joint and sit it onto the 2 brackets which are fixed to the wall. Adjust the angle of the corner joint as necessary so that the pole sits snug into the brackets. Tighten the grub screws in the 2 brackets to hold the pole in place.

Image of cutting and connecting the first side pole

Step 7 - Cut and connect remaining side pole
Do exactly what you have just done in Step 6, but on the other side of your bay window. Once done, you will have all your poles in place.

Image of cutting and connecting the remaining side pole

Step 8 - Secure corner joints
Tighten both corner joints so that their angles do not change.

Image of securing the corner joints

Step 9 - Add rings to the pole
Split your ‘C’ cut rings into 2 equal quantities. Slide half of these onto one side of the bay poles and the remaining half onto the other side. Do the same with the pack of standard rings – these are to go on last, put 2 on each side of the window.

Image of adding rings to the curtain pole

Step 10 - Connect the finials to the pole ends
The final task is to fit the finials to each end of the bay window kit. Slide the finial onto the pole and secure into place using the grub screw and allen key if needed.

Image of connecting the finials to the pole ends

! Tip: Tighten all grub screws in the brackets now that everything is place.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your new bay window dressing!

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