About Us

The setting up of Curtain Pole Store started off from a “breakfast discussion” one morning between my husband and I. We were decorating our family home at the time and I had become increasing frustrated as it became almost impossible to afford high spec curtain poles, for all 8 windows, at a reasonable budget. Having a high spec curtain pole for your curtains to suspend from is that final finish your windows deserve and a signature to put an end to all your hard work done throughout the house. We both work full time and have a young family so as you can imagine, like many others, we don’t frequently like to over indulge and over spend on luxury items.  However, making your family home look both homely and modish for yourselves is very important. So this “breakfast discussion” soon turned into a mission for me to develop the business idea into a business plan. Once this was established I then needed to make my business stand out from my main competitor’s. So I decided to have the following 4 key aims of making my business stand out from the rest:

  • Provide high spec curtain pole products you will instantly fall in love with
  • Offer these products at low prices so your purse strings don’t have to stretch
  • Make you feel satisfied with the efficient, affordable and reliable service Curtain Pole Store has to offer
  • Most important……a user friendly and attractive ecommerce website to browse and buy from

Buying home finishes for your house is kind of personal, I understand this and therefore want you to trust Curtain Pole Store to deliver you the best products it has to offer because this is a family run business and we have good family values and ethos.