Choosing the Perfect Wooden Curtain Pole:
Expert Buying Guide

Wooden curtain poles are a stylish and popular choice for displaying and holding curtains. If you’re looking for the best wooden curtain pole for your home, but need some advice on how to decide the best fit, then this guide is for you.

The experts at Curtain Pole Store have created a complete buying guide to help you achieve a pinterest-worthy window and find the best wooden curtain pole for your needs. From finding the best-matched style to getting the right size, we explain everything that you need to consider.

How do I choose a wooden curtain pole?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wooden curtain pole, there are various options to consider, which is why we’ve made it easier for you with this helpful guide.

Browse the different sections below to help you determine the style, colour, shape and size of your wooden curtain pole, plus how to safely cut and take care of your wooden pole once you’ve made your purchase.

Style & colour

What style of wooden curtain pole should I choose?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what style options you have.

Wooden curtain poles come in a variety of different styles and shapes, from statement modern poles to the more traditional, antique styles, there is truly something for every taste.

Here’s a breakdown of all the different styles you can choose from. 

Traditional & classic
Traditional or classic wooden curtain poles are those in which the finial is a ball, stud or urn shape. These styles are the most popular type of wooden poles and are ideal for creating a classic interior design feel.

You may prefer a more elaborate, ornate style of wooden pole. Ornate poles are a decorative, statement choice for your window. They are usually designed with floral or patterned finial shapes to create a unique look to your home.

Contemporary wooden curtain poles are designed for more modern interiors. These styles are often designed with the finial as a cage or abstract shape, ideal for creating a contemporary modern feel to your rooms.

Choosing a colour for your wooden curtain pole

Another important factor when deciding on your perfect wooden curtain pole, is the colour. Wooden curtain poles come in a range of popular colours to work with a variety of interior design colour schemes. From classic oak, to a modern gold finish, here are some of the most popular colour choices available.

White wooden curtain poles are one of the most sought after styles in the UK. This is because they work well in a variety of settings - from modern retro to classic country interiors.

Below are some examples of white wooden curtain poles across contemporary and traditional styles.

Similarly to white, cream wooden curtain poles are also a popular choice for UK homeowners. Cream woods provide a romantic, relaxed interior style, and can be ideal for pairing with floral, ornate curtains.

The traditional oak coloured wooden pole is a classic go-to for many interior designers. It comes in a variety of light and darker shades, and can be modernised with a stainless steel end (finial).

Add a touch of gothic luxury to your home with black wooden curtain poles. This colour contrasts well against cream or light coloured curtains, but also works well with a variety of curtain styles.

A grey wooden curtain pole is typically used in minimalist style interiors and those with neutral, soft tones.

If you’re looking to give your home an antique, grand flair, then a gold finish wooden pole is the ideal statement piece. Gold poles work particularly well with floral, ornate curtain styles to provide an elaborate interior feel.

Unfinished wooden poles bring a sense of the outdoors indoor, creating a relaxed, boho vibe to a room. Unfinished wood poles pair well with soft tones and textures. 

It’s generally recommended that you get a sample of your wooden pole before making a full purchase, as colours displayed online or in printed brochures can sometimes differ to the actual product colour.

Size & Fitting

How do I know what size curtain pole I need?

Now you know what style and colour you want, the next step is determining the size of your wooden curtain pole. To get the right fit for your window and make sure your pole can support the weight of your curtains, you need to determine both the best length and the required thickness of your pole. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

What length should a wooden curtain pole be?

To determine the best length for your wooden curtain pole, you should first take a measurement of the area you want your curtains to hang from. If you already have an existing pole and you’re happy with its length, then measure this pole - making a note of both the pole length and the finials at either side.

When measuring for a new pole, begin by measuring the recess width of the window. You should then measure the area either side of this window width, as this will be the area the curtains will pull back to.

The key is to give yourself enough length so that your curtains can comfortably sit at either side of the window, without obstructing the view. For the average window this is typically around 15-20cms.

Wooden curtain poles are typically provided in the following sizes:

  • 180cm
  • 200cm
  • 240cm
  • 300cm
  • 360cm

For the larger sizes (240cm and longer), these are usually supplied in 2 parts with a joining piece. Some ranges, such as the Rolls Modern Country are available in lengths up to 600cm.

Don’t worry if your required length is smaller than the sizes shown - your pole can be cut to size to get the perfect fit for your window. Always choose a length that is slightly longer than what you require.

What diameter curtain pole should I use?

A key factor in creating your perfect window interior is ensuring your chosen pole can handle the weight of your curtains, which is where diameter comes in.

The most common diameters are the 35mm wooden curtain pole and the 50mm wooden curtain pole, but most brands typically provide poles in the following diameters:

  • 28mm
  • 35mm
  • 45mm
  • 50mm
  • 55mm

To find the ideal diameter size for your wooden pole, measure the weight of your curtains (including any extra weight from things such as linings) then compare against the table below to find your best-matched size.


Total max weight

25mm to 28mm


35mm to  45m


50mm to  55m



How high above my window do I fit my curtain pole?

Another important aspect of fitting your wooden curtain pole is how much overhang you’d like. This means deciding how far up you want to position the pole from the top of your window.

Typically, this is around 15-20cms above the window recess, as this is usually the best length to ensure your curtain pole cannot be seen from the outside looking in.

It’s important to check the length of your curtains when deciding on how far up to position your pole, as you want to ensure your curtains run past the bottom of the window recess.

How far you want your curtains to run past the recess is usually a matter of preference. Some people prefer the grand feel of floor to ceiling curtains, while others opt for a shorter length, sitting around 15-20cm below the bottom window recess.

What accessories do I need for my wooden curtain pole?

As well as the main pole and finials, wooden curtain poles usually require brackets, rings and in some cases additional fixtures to fit them correctly.

Depending on your supplier, you may need to purchase these separately. Luckily at Curtain Pole Store, all accessories are included in your pole purchase - making it even easier to create the perfect style you want.

Pole care

How do you cut a wooden curtain pole to size?

Once your chosen wooden curtain pole has been delivered, you may need to cut it down to the correct size for your window area. To do this safely we suggest using a fine tooth wood saw.

If you’re cutting a wooden curtain pole that is in 2 pieces, you must remember to trim equal amounts from each side.

How do I clean my wooden curtain pole?

Once you’ve invested in your ideal wooden curtain pole, some maintenance may be required to keep it looking at its best.

How you clean your pole depends on what material it’s made from. For wooden poles, especially coloured wooden curtain poles, it’s generally recommended that you clean off any dust and dirt using a soft dry cloth. You should also avoid using water or liquid cleaning substances, since they can damage the protective wax finish of your pole and cause damage.


What are the best wooden curtain pole brands to buy from?

There is an extensive selection of trusted brands who create quality wooden curtain poles. Some of our favourites brands include:

  •  Hallis
  •  Integra
  •  Rolls
  •  Speedy
  •  Swish
  •  Universal

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Wooden Curtain Poles

Shop all wooden curtain poles

Hallis Origins Wooden Curtain Poles The Origins collection combines simple and modern designs that are hand finished in six light-toned, calming colours.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Modern Country Range - a collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs.

Integra Masterpiece Wooden Curtain Poles Exuding extraordinary character, Masterpiece by Integra re-creates the grandeur and the splendour of the period, Baroque inspired finials in a choice of six luxurious metallic finishes, the final flourish to your style.

Rolls Honister Wooden Curtain Poles Rolls Honister Wooden Poles - the perfect balance of a matt finish with a subtle sheen designed to complement the six earthy colours.

Rolls Woodline Wooden Curtain Poles Woodline offers a range of timeless curtain poles in a classic finish. The natural colours of light oak, dark oak & rosewood are perfect for traditional interiors, whilst white, cream & black create a timeless look.

Hallis Museum Wooden Curtain Poles The Museum collection brings a unique range of handcrafted poles in a palette of neutral colours and satin finishes creating a contemporary collection to compliment the most distinguished décor.

Wooden Curtain Pole FAQs

There is a specification table on every product page providing this information, the asterisk next to the pole length will mean that the pole is supplied in 2 pieces. Mostly poles of 240 cm and over are supplied in 2 pieces but we have some ranges which go up to 300 cm in 1 piece. Please check the specification table for further information on this.

Usually there are 10 rings per metre of wooden curtain poles. However, this may vary per range, so please check the specification table on the product you are viewing.

Extra rings are available to buy each of our wooden curtain poles. The rings will either be viewable as related products on the product you are viewing, or you can find matching rings on our curtain pole rings page.

Recess brackets are available for all wooden pole sets. Extra brackets can be purchased on limited wooden products. All wooden pole sets are sold as a pre-packed kits with all the accessories included for the assembly of the pole, but brackets on most ranges alone are not available to purchase.

All wooden curtain poles are sold as a complete set, with the pole, finials, brackets and rings. We cannot remove individual items from the set, so your pole will always come with matching wooden finials. If you do not need the finials, these can be discarded after you have received the order. Recess brackets are available for most range and can be ordered separately. You will find these either as related products under the product you are viewing, or on the curtain pole brackets page.

Yes, all our wooden curtain poles can be easily cut down to size using a fine tooth hacksaw. You don’t need to worry about the cut being super smooth, as once you fit the finial onto the pole, the cut you have made will not be visible. If you have purchased a long pole that is supplied in 2 pieces, cut an equal amount off each pole to ensure that the join remains in the middle.

We supply wooden pole diameters between 28mm and 55mm. The diameter is the thickness of the pole. The general rule we follow is that the heavier the curtain the thicker the pole should be.

Yes! We provide a sample service for all of our wooden curtain poles. You can order a sample from our website at a charge of £1. For this you can a ring or part of a ring so you can see the finish of the product before you make the purchase.

Our wooden poles are manufactured from various wood mixtures. Please get in touch about a specific product if you require further information on the flammable property or general product information.

A double ended screw is supplied for pole sets supplied in 2 pieces. This is screwed by hand into one end of each pole to join them together. For pole sets supplied in 2 pieces, there are always 3 brackets supplied. The 3rd bracket goes at the centre of the pole, where the join is. This provides extra support to the join, together with the double ended screw, and it also helps cover part of the join.

Yes, you can use wooden poles for eyelet curtains. Though you will need to purchase the pole set as a complete set and not use the rings. Please check your eyelet ring diameter on the curtains before you buy a wooden pole set. Wooden curtain poles with a diameter of 35mm and over generally do not fit eyelet curtains bought form high street shops as they are more suited to 28mm wooden poles.

You can clean your wooden curtain pole by simply wiping it using a dry cloth. Make sure this is safe to do using a ladder and have a second person with you for guidance if needed. The cloth can be damp if there is a thicker layer of dirt on the pole, but we don’t advise using any cleaning chemicals or sprays.

Yes, you can use a lubricant spray which is to be applied to the top of the pole. We would recommend removing the curtain and wooden rings first before spraying this product on top of the wooden pole.