Choosing the Perfect Extendable Curtain Pole:
Expert Buying Guide

Extendable curtain poles are an attractive choice for those looking for more flexibility when creating their ideal window setting. Available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, extendable curtain poles are suitable for most window frames and are one of the easiest curtain poles to fit yourself at home.

If you’re wondering which extended curtain pole is best for you, then you’re in the right place. From choosing the best length and colour, to fitting your pole safely - learn everything there is to know about finding the ideal extending curtain pole for your property, in our expert buying guide.

What is an extendable curtain pole?

An extendable curtain pole is a type of pole used to hang curtains from. Unlike other poles, an extendable curtain pole does not usually need to be cut to size, since the pole itself can be adjusted to fit the length of your window frame.

How does an extendable curtain pole work?

Extendable curtain poles contain two sections: a larger diameter pole and a smaller pole which fits inside this, giving it telescopic functionality which allows the pole length to be adjusted easily, to suit your window length requirements.

What are the advantages of an extendable curtain pole?

The main advantage to using an extendable curtain pole is flexibility, since no cutting is required to get the ideal length for your window.
Not only is this an attractive benefit to those who are not overly confident in their DIY skills, but it also has a cost saving benefit, since an extendable pole can be adjusted and used again, either in other windows of your home or when you move, even if the window length changes.

Size & Colour

What is the longest curtain pole you can buy?

When it comes to extendable curtain poles, the longest pole length you can purchase is usually up to 500cm. These are typically used for larger windows, patios and for bi-folding doors.

What length should my extendable curtain pole be?

Finding the best extendable curtain pole for your window involves understanding the length of your window frame and where you’d prefer your curtains to sit.

To create that perfect window setting, you ideally want your extendable curtain pole to be long enough so that your curtains can be pulled back at either side, to reveal the full window.

To find this ideal length, we recommend you measure the width of the area above your window frame, then add 15cms at either side of this, to give you adequate enough space to pull the curtains back to.

Expert tip: Remember, it’s better to go slightly longer than you need than too short, especially with an extendable curtain pole as it has the flexibility to be shortened to your ideal length.

At the Curtain Pole Store, our extendable curtain poles cater to a wide range of window lengths, with the most popular choices being our 120cm - 210cm poles and our 180cm - 300cm poles.

What size extendable curtain pole do I need?

When choosing an extendable curtain pole, the diameter you choose depends on how heavy your curtains are. Heaverier curtains will require poles with larger diameters in order to safely hold the weight, whereas lighter curtains will be fine with much thinner diameters.

For extendable curtain poles, we recommend the following diameters based on curtain weight.

25-28mm extendable curtain poles
Suited for heavy curtains, usually over 11kg in weight.

16-19mm extendable curtain poles
Ideal for lighter to medium weight curtains, below 11kg in weight.

In general, it’s recommended that extendable curtain poles are more suited to light to medium sized curtains, due to the slightly different diameter sizing on each end. The section where the poles meet can be a cause of friction for curtain pole rings, which is trickier when dealing with heavier curtains.

What colour extendable curtain pole should I pick?

Extendable curtain poles are supplied in a range of popular colours suited for a variety of style preferences, meaning there is something for everyone’s taste.

For modern, contemporary decor

If sleek, modern interiors is your kind of style, then our metal extendable curtain poles may be an ideal choice, with our popular colours including: chrome, silver, and graphite.

Similarly, our black extendable curtain poles can add a contemporary touch to any room.

For traditional decor

If you prefer a more traditional setting for your home, then our cream extendable curtain poles are an excellent touch. Or if you really want to add a luxury feel to your window setting, a Brass extendable curtain pole could be the perfect choice.

Which style finial is best for my extendable curtain pole?

Once you’ve established the ideal length, size and colour of your extendable curtain pole, it’s down to the finishing touches - choosing your finials.

A finial sits on either end of the extendable curtain pole, acting as a protective barrier to avoid the curtains from being pulled off accidentally when opened. Whilst they have a practical use, finials also add a stylish element to your window setting, depending on what you choose.

Our extendable curtain poles come with a range of finials, including:

Rounded finials
Rounded finials are incredibly versatile, complimenting both modern and traditional style interiors perfectly.

Flat ended finials
If you want to give your window setting an industrial, contemporary feel then a flat ended finial is an ideal choice.

Ornate finials
Our ornate finials work beautifully on more traditional style curtain poles, adding a luxurious feel to your room.

Mirrored or glass finials
f you prefer to opt for a more glamorous interior design style, then our hand-crafted mirrored finials are the perfect finishing touch to your window setting.

Which extendable curtain pole brands are best?

If you want your extendable curtain pole to stay firmly in place once fitted, and stand the test of time, we recommend buying only from the most reputable extended curtain pole brands.

Luckily at the Curtain Pole Store, we only stock the very best and most highly reviewed pole brands, so you can have peace of mind when choosing your ideal curtain pole.

Our top extendable curtain pole brands are listed below, each with an extensive range of poles suitable for a variety of requirements and style preferences.

  • Speedy
  • Swish
  • Universal


How will my extendable curtain pole be provided?

If you order your extendable curtain pole from the Curtain Pole Store, your pole will be provided with everything you need to fit it safely - including all the required fittings and fixtures. You’ll also get easy to follow instructions detailing how to assemble your extendable curtain pole.

The majority of our extendable poles are provided in two pieces along with a joining piece, which can be easily slotted together to allow for the seamless extendable functionality.

How do you fit an extendable curtain pole?

Fitting an extendable curtain pole is easy. Your curtain pole purchase will come with simple instructions, however you can also use the quick overview below as a useful guide to fitting your extendable curtain pole.

  1. Measure & mark your brackets
    Measure the width above your window recess, then with a pencil, mark the halfway point of this width. Following this, then use your pencil to mark roughly 15cm either side of your window to allow enough space for your finials and for your curtains to hang from.

    Expert tip: You may want to do more or less than 15cm, depending on your desired look.
  2. Fit your brackets
    Once you’ve accurately measured and marked your brackets, it’s now time to fit them. Use a drill to create your screw holes, then fit your brackets in place using the screws. If using a masonry wall, remember to fit the correct plugs. 
  3. Adjust the length of your extended pole
    Take your extended pole and slide the inner pole out of the outer pole, being careful to leave the joining piece in place between both poles.

    Adjust the pole until it is the required length (use your previous measurements and markings to check).
  4. Add your rings
    If using rings, now is the time to slide these on to the pole, ensuring an equal amount at each side.
  5. Fit the pole onto the brackets
    Fit your extendable curtain pole onto your brackets, making sure to tighten up all bracket screws so your pole stays firmly in place.
  6. Fit your finials
    Finally, add your finials to the ends of your extendable pole.

Using & Care

Are extendable curtain poles easy to use?

Extendable curtain poles are very easy to use, not only due to their flexible extendable nature but you also don’t have to be a DIY genius to fit them safely and securely. They’re an excellent choice for displaying your curtains and creating a masterpiece in any room!

How durable are extendable curtain poles?

When you buy your extendable curtain pole from a trusted and highly rated company like Curtain Pole Store, you can guarantee your poles will be made with durable, high quality material, which will be long lasting and strong enough to hold your curtain’s weight for years to come.

How do I clean my extendable curtain pole?

Once you’ve created your stylish window centrepiece, you’ll want to keep it looking it’s best.

How you clean your extendable curtain pole is down to the material of pole that you’ve chosen.

For metal curtain poles, we recommend they are cleaned by using a feather duster or a soft dry cloth to wipe down. Using liquids, even water, can lead to damage such as rust. And for painted curtain poles (such as our cream extendable poles), using liquids can even discolour the pole - so dry is always the best option!

Where to buy an extendable curtain pole

Now you know everything there is about extendable curtain poles! The next step is to find your perfect pole. Shop our extensive range of poles available in a variety of popular sizes and styles, and start creating your ultimate window setting today.

Metal Curtain Poles

Shop all extendable curtain poles

Hallis Origins Wooden Curtain Poles The Origins collection combines simple and modern designs that are hand finished in six light-toned, calming colours.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Modern Country Range - a collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Modern Country Range - a collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Modern Country Range - a collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Modern Country Range - a collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs.

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