Choosing the Perfect Bay Window Curtain Pole:
Expert Buying Guide

Bay windows are a sought after feature in many homes, and often the focal point of any room they’re in since they act as the biggest source of natural light. If your property has a bay window then you’ll likely want to keep this attention-grabbing feature looking its best, which is why we’ve created this expert buying guide to help you find the ideal bay window curtain pole for your property.

The Ultimate Guide To Bay Window Curtain Poles 

Ready to transform your bay window into a stunning feature? From finding the right style, to properly fitting your bay window curtain pole, we’ve made it easy for you to create the perfect window dressing with our ultimate curtain pole buying guide.

What is a bay window curtain pole?

A bay window curtain pole is a device used to hang curtains over a bay window. A bay window is one where the window is not flat, rather it protrudes out of the wall either with 2 sides, 3 sides or 5.

Bay window curtain poles are ideal for fitting poles in otherwise awkward window positions, since they can be manipulated to the required unique shape of the bay window.

Bay window poles have revolutionised the way bay windows can be dressed, since previously you were limited to using either bendable curtain tracks or curtain rails. Now you can choose a bay window curtain pole in a variety of different colours and sizes.

What is the best way to use a bay window?

Firstly, think about how you’ll want to use your bay window area.

Will you take the chic route of creating a cosy reading corner, with some stylish armchairs and floral arrangements? Or will you opt for something more practical, like using your bay window area as additional seating for your kitchen table? Consider all your options to understand the best way to make use of the space, before you think about dressing the area.

Should you put curtains on a bay window?

There is some debate amongst interior enthusiasts over how you should put curtains on a bay window, or even if they should have them on at all. Some would argue that bay windows look better with panels or suite blinds better, but many people do opt for bay window curtains, since they provide some added oomph to an already stunning feature.

Can you get a curtain pole for a bay window?

You might be looking at your bay window frame and wondering if you’ll even be able to find a curtain pole that will fit its unique shape, but fear not! There are a variety of different curtain pole options for any bay window, to help you to get it looking its best.

What’s included in a bay window kit?

If you buy a bay window kit from the Curtain Pole Store, you’re guaranteed to get the pole alongside the robust and bendable cortner joints.

Most of our bay window curtain pole kits also come with ‘C’ shaped curtain pole rings. This is where a small section of the pole ring is cut out to allow all the rings to pass over the curtain pole brackets. When using C shaped curtain pole rings, we will usually supply special brackets that work specifically with these C shaped rings, allowing them to pass over more smoothly than a standard bracket would.

When you buy a bay window kit from the Curtain Pole Store, we take care of everything so that you have all you need to fit your curtain pole safely and securely.

Choosing Your Bay Window Pole

What are the main types of bay window curtain poles?

When it comes to choosing your bay window curtain pole, there are four main options to pick from. We’ll explain which one you should choose, based on the shape of your window frame.

5 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
If you have a 5 sided bay window, you’ll likely have a large central window with two additional window panels on each side.

The 5 sided bay window is often seen as the most challenging for dressing with curtains, but this needn't be the case. Getting a 5 sided bay window curtain pole kit allows you to hang your curtains across all 5 windows seamlessly, and pull them back neaty when you want to flood the room with natural light.

3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
3 sided bay windows contain a main central window (usually the widest) and one smaller window at either side of this.

When it comes to 3 sided bay windows, there are 2 curtain pole options to pick from, depending on your frame.

You’ll either need the square (or boxed) version of the 3 sided bay window curtain pole (where each side window is at a 90 degree angle), or you’ll need the splayed bay, which caters to a more curved bay window frame, with the smaller side windows at a 45 degree angle to the central one.

2 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole
The 2 sided bay window pole (or the L shaped as it’s commonly referred to) is used for windows that have a corner style shape. These too can be seen as a tricky to dress, but there are plenty
of good options to get your 2 sided bay window looking the way you want it to.

Eyelet Bay Window Curtain Poles
If you want to give your curtains a clean, smooth appearance, then eyelet bay window poles could be your best option.

What are the benefits of an eyelet bay window curtain pole?

Eyelet bay window curtain poles are often a popular choice. This is because, unlike traditional curtain poles, eyelet curtain poles you don’t require the use of curtain rings.

Further to this, the brackets used for eyelet bay window poles are generally much more sturdy and durable, since each bracket has four screws to fit to the wall, giving them added stability.

Our latest unique range of eyelet bay window poles are ideal for contemporary interiors, and are suitable for 3 bay windows with three sides only. 

What size bay window curtain pole should I get?

Bay window curtain poles are typically provided in 28mm and 35mm diameters. The diameter you need depends on the thickness of your curtains. The 28mm pole is ideal for curtains up to around 11kg in weight, anything heavier than this will usually require the thicker 35mm diameter pole.

What colours do bay window poles come in?

The majority of bay window curtain poles are made out of wood or metal, and are usually supplied in the following popular colour choices: Antique Brass, Chrome, Black and Silver.

Which colour should I choose for my bay window curtain pole?

Wondering how to choose the best colour and finish for your bay window?. If traditional decor is your style, then you’ll likely want to opt for the antique brass or black curtain pole. For more modern interiors, chrome or silver can add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your bay window.

What are the best bay window pole brands?

If you want to find the perfect bay window pole for your window dressing, then we recommend using a highly recommended and trusted brand so you can ensure the utmost quality.

Size & Installation

How do you measure a bay window for a curtain pole?

Once you’ve established the colour and style of your bay window curtain pole, it’s time to measure up! To ensure you get that perfect fit to create your dream window dressing, you’ll now need to measure the space where the bay window pole will sit, above the window.To help you get the perfect measurements, we’ve created an extensive guide with diagrams, to show you the simplest way to measure a bay window.

How do you hang curtains in a bay window?

Your bay window curtain poles have arrived and you're itching to put them up so you can reveal your final masterpiece, but how do you fit curtains on a bay window?

Our curtain pole experts have created an extensive guide on How to Fit a Bay Window Curtain Pole with easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions.

You’ll need your bay window curtain pole kit, a metal measuring tape, a screwdriver and a pencil to mark your fittings with.

Buying your bay window curtain pole

Where’s the best place to buy a bay window curtain pole?

Now that you know everything there is to know about how to find the perfect bay window pole for your property, we recommend you browse the Curtain Pole Stores extensive range of bay window curtain pole kits, and create a bay window that leaves a lasting impression in your home (and maybe even adds value to your property!).

All our bay poles are sold as a complete kit, with everything you need included - poles, corner joints, adjustable brackets and passing rings. We also make it even easier for you to find the best pole for your window, as you can filter through our collection by pole diameter, wall or ceiling fixing, curtain weights, colours and styles.

Bay Window Curtain Poles

Shop bay window curtain poles

Hallis Origins Wooden Curtain Poles The Neo Bay window solution has been designed to work at its best with eyelet curtains, but also works with rings.

Rolls Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles The Speedy eyelet bay pole features a unique bending system, with the corner joints pre-cut to allow bending by hand for all shapes of bay windows.

Integra Masterpiece Wooden Curtain Poles Neo Bay Pole brackets have been engineered to the high standards of the Neo range. Being solid diecast they have maximum strength and weight capacity. This focus on attention to detail ensures your bay pole adds to the beauty of your room and will stand the test of time.

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