Bay Window Curtain Tracks & Rails

We offer a wide range of bendable curtain tracks, suitable for all types of bay windows.  Our flexible curtain tracks offer the smoothest operation when drawing your curtains around the bends of a bay window. And, just like our curtain poles, our bay window curtain rails come as a kit, with all the necessary brackets, gliders and end pieces.

What Length of Track to I need?

Before choosing a bendable curtain rail, the first thing to do is measure the individual lengths of each window in your bay. Once you have the total lengths of all sides of  your window, you are ready to find a bay curtain track that is slightly longer than you need. To help with this, we’ve created a handy guide on how to measure for bay window curtain tracks.

Should I fit to the wall or ceiling?

The ideal scenario is to fit the bay window curtain rail brackets to the wall, but you will need at least 5cm of space above your window to do this. Most of our curtain tracks come with brackets that can be used on the wall or ceiling. This means you can use the bracket to fix the track onto the ceiling if you don’t have at least 5cm of space  above the window.

How do I bend my bay window curtain rail?

All of our bay window curtain rails can be bent by hand. Please use caution when bending the metal tracks and make sure that the tracks are only bent a little at a time. This allows you to put the track up against the window and ensure that you don’t overbend.

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Speedy Streamline Uncorded Curtain Track Plastic

Speedy Streamline Uncorded Curtain Track Plastic

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