Rolls Neo 35mm Bay Window Eyelet Pole Clear Pumpkin Chrome

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Rolls Neo 35mm Bay Window Eyelet Pole Clear Pumpkin Chrome

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  • Includes: Finials, pole, brackets and corner joints
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Poles can easily be cut to size using a fine tooth saw
  • For heavy weight curtains
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Our Rolls Neo 35mm Bay Window Eyelet Pole Clear Pumpkin kit in chrome offers a glossy silver finish to the pole set, specifically designed for use with eyelet curtains. The kit will fit a 3 sided bay window space of angles of either 90 degrees or 135 degrees. This brilliant innovation from the manufacturers of Neo will make your bay window space look spectacular with minimal pole components dotted around the bay set. Using only 5 brackets, closely positioned to one another, this bay window pole set will not limit the use of eyelet curtains.

This bay window kit works with having a central bracket to hold up the large pole. This bracket has a stunning finished look whereby the bracket features a two-piece magnetic cover plates that slides into place. The corner bends of the bay pole kit are created by the corner joint supplied as straight piece which you bend by hand to fit into the corner of your bay at the correct angle. The length of the corner joint is 26cm. The corner joint inserts inside the poles from each end. The other set of poles from the side window panels attach to the corner joints too and these are held up by either 2 or 4 end brackets (depending on which pole set you purchase), to securely hold the whole structure in place. The brackets are non-adjustable and are fixed at a permanent position. The centre bracket length is 117mm and the end bracket length is 117mm.

When measuring your bay window please check your measurements against our pole kits as the pole lengths vary with each set. Poles are easily cut down to size using a fine-tooth hacksaw. Our Neo bay window pole kits will only work with 3 sided and L-shaped shaped windows of angles of 90 degrees or 135 degrees..

Please note that you must use the correct weighted eyelet curtains per pole diameter set. As heavy curtains will affect the bay pole structure and cause a dip in the corners of the bay when you pull them across.

The recommended curtain weight for 28mm is max 16kg. Eyelet holes in the curtains need to be 40mm. Please do not exceed the curtain weight as the pole structure will collapse. 

The recommended curtain weight for 35mm is max 24kg. Eyelet holes in the curtains need to be 50mm. Please do not exceed the curtain weight as the pole structure will collapse. 

In this bay pole kit you will receive:

2 Finials 

3 Poles (different lengths please view table for further information)

2 Straight corner pieces (at 26cm per piece)

1 Central bracket (projects 117mm, back 60mm across and 40mm depth)

4 End brackets (projects 117mm, back 130mm)

Please note you will need to refer to the specification table to view the pole lengths in the different kits supplied. Please measure your bay window carefully and select the correct pole lengths for your window panels. All poles can be cut down to size. All poles are supplied in 1 piece.

The straight corner joints will need to be self-bent to fit the angle of your bay window.

You can use standard round rings for this bay pole kit but these will have to be purchased separately.


Pole Length Rings Brackets
2 x 120cm, 1 x 240cm
0 5
2 x 150cm, 1 x 240cm
0 5
Pole Diameter Finial Length Finial Height Bracket Projection
35mm 105mm 68mm 120mm

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